Prayer for peace of mind and reunion

by Terry (Bangalore, India)

Lord, I have sinned willingly or unwillingly and I feel so depressed about the pain I may have caused others. I feel so ashamed of myself in many things and don’t know where to start. I would not ask you why because you already know why.

Lord I want to be a changed man to love without doubt and live a good life where I can help when possible. Lord I hurt a woman I loved so much and I feel her pain within me. God I am really sorry for all I did and wish you touch her heart so she can forgive me. lord I don’t understand anything about my life and where am going to as I seem rejected by many except for you I know I can count on. lord please show me the way and enable me stay strong so I can live a more responsible life.

Father in heaven I pray for the poor in spirit like me that you help them see the light. I pray and ask all this through Jesus Christ your son our Lord Amen

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