prayer for peace of mind and heart

Dear God,

Please protect and shield me from my new boss. I know and I can feel how much she dislikes me. Heal me from all the fears I feel when she’s around. As you heal me oh Lord, heal her as well.

May all the pains she encountered during her childhood consciously and unconsciously caused by significant people in her life be healed and forgiven. May she find true love in you so that she may find love in others too and know that loving you is the greatest joy of the heart.

Lord God teach me also to find joy in my suffering that through these experiences I may able to strengthen my faith in you. Lord, i put all my trust in you that i’ll be able to survive her one day at a time until i see the glory of your blessings of a new day with no more tears and fears in my heart.

Lord i humbly ask this prayer, in your name. Amen.

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  1. I suffer alongside you...

    I read your prayer request for the woman at work and know that God placed your prayer before me so I know that I don’t suffer alone in the workplace. My boss is wonderful, but the person I support is persecuting me. She is not 100% truthful and focuses on negative things. She does not recognize positive things. Her comments to others have cost me financially, which I will recover from over time, but she has also damaged my reputation and credibility, which I don’t know I can recover from. It makes me just want to run away. So I am praying to God to clarify my position and station in life. Should I stay and persevere through the persecution or pursue other avenues of employment? Should I move or stay? It’s very difficult to hear Him at times. I join you in your prayer for relief and for clarity. I pray for your peace as well. In Him.

  2. update

    Praise God – He rescued me from the hell I was working in. Of course He did so in a way I’d have never known to pray for – He arranged for my position to be eliminated and for me to be free. Many would feel even more stress at the thought of being jobless, however, for me, the peace I have jobless far outweighs the anxiety and misery at my former job. I know there are new challenges ahead, but I trust that my God will bring me through it in a way only He could. Please continue to pray for me as I do you.

    In Him – amen

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