Prayer For Peace In Our Relationship.

by Brandon (Canada)

Nearly two years ago I met a girl who quickly stood out and returned to me something I had lost along the way. Over the course of the following years our relationship has grown stronger and stronger. I have helped her overcome past demons, and she has helped me equally as much.

Our relationship has not helped us emotionally, but also spiritually, as the love and forgiveness we have found in each other has also brought us closer to God. However in the last few months there has been some turbulent times; mainly dealing with my depression and bi-polar, as well as intruding forces such as family who are less than supportive of us, and also some financial woes.

These things are testing our relationship and our faith, and I know that I personally can overcome many of the obstacles placed in my way but my girl is not as strong and requires much reassurance and guidance, I need some prayer to help her achieve strength and peace at home and peace within her heart.