Prayer for peace in all matters

by Gina (Phils)

Thank you oh Lord for all the blessings that you give to me and my family, I pray for my mother’s health may you give her long life, for my baby and for the family of my sister’s, You said that come to me all of you who have carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest, I come to you Oh Lord, I leave it to you Oh Lord all our heartaches and burdens we are carrying now, pls help us to forgive those who have done wrong to us,I pray for them, I ask for your help Oh Lord, to help us to move on, and esp to our financial problem, may the buy and sell business of my husband be successful and also for our incoming business , I pray for you Oh Lord to get back our financial losses, I pray those who have debt to us be pay us , thank you Oh Lord , I know all those prayers be grandted, Thank you Oh Lord

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