Prayer for peace health and financial needs

by Summer ()

Dear HEAVENLY Father
I know I haven’t been walking and loving the way I should. In the past 1 1/2 year, I have dealt with my spouse have health issues and got hooked on pain pains and had bizarre behavior, he left our two kids and me and starting not paying bills, blocking us , going out of control with debts and credit cards. Before he walked out on us, he had took out all our money in checking and stile 3k line of credit. His sister had died 2019, he left us 2021 and just totally crazy. I had no choice but to file for divorce. He has no means of paying back his debts, and he has come back from being with his Homeland family overseas. Before he left, our 18 year son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that affects the connective tissues, etc . My minor daughter has hormonal issues and school issues and extremely smart. She is being homeschooling. My son is in college and is doing very well. Even thought their dad left its has been a struggle and left me to paying all bills and getting hsrrased etc.
Now, he has came off pain meds, but has no care or something going on with him. We have lived in a home that we werextoxbiy but renting it from a friend who is a millionaire and here we make it from paycheck to paycheck. I have worked my whole life not to just rent . I took pride on a home that will never be ours. I have spent years fixing it up to look nice. When my spouse left, he blocked us from his cell but kept sending me emails social media etc and his friend our landlord was harrassing me for rent payment. Overall, it had caused alot of stress and mistrust and things are not the way they once were.
I feel sorry for him, but he brought alot on himself and he not once thought the mental impact it had on us.
He had returned home and trying to make things right. But he gave up 2 of our vehicles and stopped paying auto ins. So, he has no car, and I will not add him to my new auto ins . He,wasted money on car rentals, hotels waiting to go to his Homeland. He had a cess to all my credit cards which he had been paying faithfully till whatever happened in March 2020, he had no intentions of coming back home. He has done things that makes no sense. The kids and I were planning on moving out, but to where? I went into a deep depression and I feel sorry for him but hate his actions for what pain he has caused his family. He is now financially trapped and he says he feels like a prisoner in his own house. I said to him, if you would had just stopped and look around to see where ,problems started and what to do to in order to correct them. He is in debt and I’m afraid they will garnish wages. And he wants to,combine, phones . Put his payday check into my bank accct ! I jist feel I’m lost and just trying to get, back to being normal
. Prayers for keeping family together, using his debts and health of my kids and hoping and praying for my whole family. I need money to get him out of debt and to gain trust him. It’s hard to after all he has done.
Prayers for my kids and even him and for God to help us in anyway. O need peace, I need money to us a house and move on. So much h has happened and trying to keep it together
I have to put my trust in Him.
Need prayers for God my kids 1st and their health and for mine and my spouse and find ways to pay for these debts to get paid and rebuild our family
Thanks to God for all he has done

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