Prayer for Peace, Happiness, Life.

by Ronan (Ireland)

Almighty God please give me the strenght and courage to follow you and realise your love for me.

In this world we live in, temptations to do the wrong thing are everywhere and difficult to get over.
Help me to see your goodness and love which is more than everywhere, help me to cope with lifes hurts and trials.
Help me to have the strenght to be happy with you always, in this life and the next.

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  1. a prayer for happiness in life, restore my health and show love to all the fam & friends, share my life witha Christian male companion

    Dear Lord Jesus, you know me and what i am going thru at this moment of my life. Please bring me some happiness in my life with first to restore my health so. That i may be blessed with a job. Pleae help me to be strong in my character and refrain myself to not do the wrong things ,i ask for forgiiveness in this. Show my a new way to enjoy my life and open a new door for a job for me. Let me show my famiily all the Love and care i can give them. Please obtain and allow a Christian male frined into my life as i have been divorced for four years now and am looking for such a person to share the rest of my life with, i a lonely. Please take care of all my family and friends and bring us all Peace, Happiness in this Life. All this i ask thru Jesus Christ your son. Amen. Mary, our Mother please watch over and protect us.

  2. Happiness

    Dear lord, please give me the strength to see the good life, Guide me as I wake from day to day & rest my head from night to night, keep me safe & happy, Amen

  3. Prayer for my happiness

    I pray God for my happiness, I am excepting of great joy and laughter in my life. I want peace, happiness and a great life with a male partnership including marriage. AMEN

  4. Praying for Unlimited Love, Happiness, Strength, Peace, not only for Me but Family and Friends

    I Pray to Jesus Christ my Savior
    That I meet my Sole mate and get married for the rest of my life. With happiness, laughter, peace, good health, and wealth to not only in my life but for my family and friends and all the animals in the world. I pray things will get better in my life,
    And my family including my daughters and their families. Please God help Us.

  5. Praying for happiness after dark time

    Dear Blessed Mother of Jesus,

    Please help me to find happiness after the passing of my mother. I am unable to find joy in my life now. I know that she would want that for me, but I am unable to do it alone. Please pray for me and also my mother as well.


  6. For health, love and financial help.

    Dear Lord, I have been through a lot over the loss of loved ones, job and having to leave family and friends and move to a new location. I am grateful for my spouse but miss everyone else and feel lonely. I’m asking that you keep my children close to me even though we live at a distance, my heart aches for them. We also need to be blessed with better health and finances. I thank you, in the name of Jesus, Amen

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