Prayer for Peace, Employment, Finances, Children and Marriage.

by R ()

Dear St. Jude I’m asking for the Lord to send a miracle my way. I’m asking for a financial blessing. I really need a good paying job to help me get on my feet. I want more out of life. I want to be able to have enough money so that I can save up and invest it into something.

I really need help financially. I want financial stability. Please give me strength, courage, and drive. Please send me employment with the hours that I request as well as the days I request. Send me something longevity something that I do not have to feel uncomfortable or unhappy with. Please send me a miracle job.

One that makes me happy and gives me peace within. Take away all fear that’s keeping me from being successful. Please keep my children safe bless their going out and their coming in. Please keep my husband and I safe. Bless us as well. Please bless me with the strength to get over the hurt that I’m experiencing inside of my heart from a pass friendship that went sour.

I’m praying for strength, peace, love and forgiveness. I’m praying for an increase in my finances. Thank you St Jude. Please send this message over to the Lord for me. Please help me out with these things. Thank you Amen.

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