Prayer for peace at job, a gift of a car, a financial windfall, and love connection with HHH.

by Glo (TN, U.S.)

St Jude, Most holy apostle, Patron of hopeless cases and things almost despaired of, please pray for me. Please pray to settle the situation at my job where I’ve been the victim of corporate bullying. Please place me under different more caring superviser and help me to find success and advancement at my job.

Please St Jude, make use of that particular privilege given you to bring visible and speedy help with the gift of a car to me in perfect operating capacity and a financial windfall of a great amount so that my daughter and I can survive. Come to my assistance in this great need or needs including reconnecting to HHS as I feel there was a love connection. I will praise God and you and all the elect forever.

O blessed St Jude please assist a family in discovering a lost will for their deceased loved one as a fraudulent one was filed with the courts. Please settle and solve the situation for this family. St Jude I am forever mindful of this great favor(s)and will honor you as my special and powerful patron and I greatly encourage devotion to you. Amen.

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