Prayer for Peace and Wisdom in finding a new place to live, and to be blessed financially to move into the home.

by Shunda (Maryland)

My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I come before you standing in the need of your help. Father God I know that it is in your will to bless me and my children with all that we need.

I’m asking you to bless us with an approval for a new home. Open up the gateways from heaven and pour us out a blessing. Father God we believe that you are a miracle maker and a difference maker. Every thing is possible with you. Please restore peace, safety,security,wealth and health and happiness in our home and lives.

Father God you did this before and I know u will do it again. Help me be the mother, provider and protector that I know you want me too. These things I ask in the name of the father son and the Holy Spirit.Amen,Amen and Amen.

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