prayer for peace and strength

by Diane (Arkansas)

Please pray for peace strength and guidance. I am very heavy laden. I need to know what God wants me to do. The gates of Hades has open on me and ,my family. I pray constantly. I set aside prayer hour every night at 9pm. I have been doing this for months never missing a night. I have tried to ‘re,ain faithful to God. I’m going thru so much right now. Finances. Job, losing home, car accident, knee surgery, children fighting family in dis array.

Pray for a breakthrough in Jesus name. We need help. I know God is able to put my life back to gather again, I. Wait for that day hoping everyday will be the day. I love the Lord and I have no doubt that he loves me. I just need prayer at this time. Someone to help pray me through
Jesus is my rock, and a very present help in a time of trouble.
Stand and pray with me
In Jesus Name

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