Prayer for peace and safety and protection

by Denise (Buffalo)

I ask for prayer for Protection and for our world to be safe I ask that everyone will make peace in the world and be friends and forgive one another.

I ask for no fighting in the world I ask that our world will be cleansed in the blood of Jesus,I pray for understanding and forgiveness to the people in our world that are not under standing on another and they make Peace with each other and become friends. I ask that there will be no Harm done by on one.

I ask in prayer that Jesus will make Peace between our Countries today and Make Peace now. I thank you Jesus and friends I Love you all very much and pray for urgent prayers to be answered and that the countries will make fast happy Peace and become friends and help each other and no more fighting ever thank you Jesus Amen love the Woolson family and our world and each person in it Amen