prayer for peace and remove anxiety

by Minu (United Kingdom)

Dear God, I thank you for my daughter and all the kind mercies you have bestowed upon us. Lord I pray that you will remove this heavy stone of anxiety and worry from my heart. Lord I pray to you to keep my daughter safe from her father and her extended paternal family. Lord I am extremely worried by the disclosures made by my daughter about her father but also the allegations from other people that are being investigated. Lord please never ever let my daughter be alone with her Dad. Lord I beg you to help me deal with the unhelpful and unkind comments made to me by his family about my ability as a mother. Lord help me to have patience and strength in dealing with all these issues and to help me be a better mother and do good work and to be a source of support to my friends and family. Fill my heart with love and peace and rid me of this worry.

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