Prayer for Peace and Providence

by Honey (Philippines)

Saint Jude, blessed by the Holy God Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I pray for our family’s peace against the rudeness of our unknown enemies which is not believer of the Holy Catholic Church. I pray that their wickedness will stop because they already harming my family.

I hope they’ll find the light of hope for their decaying souls. Stop their wickedness and use of dark magic to harm us most especially me. I pray for forgiveness of sins St. Jude, for my husband during the time he went to the wrong path and carried by lust. I pray, for my daughter’s peace of mind, she is too young to suffer the sins her father does.

And mostly, I thank God, pray for me St. Jude, I give thanks for giving me the gift of providence that I was able to discover who our enemies is. May their souls find the right teachings of the Holy Gospel, blessed us Communion of Saints. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen

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