prayer for peace and protection


Please help me . I have been assisting a friend in need for years. he has over stayed and at times takes advantage of my kindess. He takes out his anger, guilt, frustration on the one who have hleped him the most. i need a break from him so I can live my life. He does not want me as a wife, just a friend. I need him out of my home so god can send me a partner who will love and appreciate the gifts I have to offer.Kindess, love,peace and hapniess. He is too broken and is lost in a realm of despair and is locked in the hurting world. I refuse to take part in that life. His presence is challenging, overwhelming. I pray for him daily now I am praying for strenth, more patience and to say the right thing. I have done all I can -I lift my friend to god and place it in his hands. Please hear my prayer and please place a wall of protection in my mind,heart and home.Please give me strength and have him move out, find work and especially accept god in his heart, take away his guilt, anger and depression that are keeping him from living this wonderful life. It is not a bad world, there is light if we keep believing. I do believe. I thank you

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