Prayer for Peace and Prosperity

by Humble Servant (On Earth)

Dear God,

All my life, all I’ve wanted was to be successful and to be a blessing to others while also being a blessing to myself. I need you right now in this time of despair. I’ve done everything that I can to my knowledge to make things happen in my life. And now I’m leaving my worries in your hands. I have no job, no money, no way to make ends meat on my own but I do thank you did sending me a husband to make sure that things still flow well in our house. But like in normal households 1 source of income is very stressful. All I have are all these beautiful gifts but I need and am
Trusting you to provide the resources. This dream that I hold dear this gift and the passion for it that you’ve blessed me with now seems so far away….I’ve taken all the necessary steps to stay humble and holy seeking you first and your righteousness now all I need from you is to provide the things Matthew; 6: 33! All I ask is a twitch of you eye to help my situation a better one! Although I’m aware that my time is not like your time, I’m still stressed in this process. Lord I only want you to get the glory from our coming out of this strenuous time therefore, I need to be blessed in a way that only involves you. So that others may know that it was only your grace and your mercy and your power that has brought me through!

Signed Sincerely,

Humble Servant

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