Prayer for Peace and Joy from the Lord

I am an older Single Mom faced with limits. My income is very low, and I work Two Jobs. I have worked since I was 12 years old and never ask for hand outs.

I am faced with health issues which may keep me from working. I am so afraid of the future that i am paralized by deppression. So severe I can’t believe I am feeling this way. I started on a medicne to help and its been a week. My daughter is suffering-recently put on medication for deppression.

I am so Sad seeing her at a young age dealing with this pain. I have raised her in Church and want her to know the peace and Joy of letting Go and letting God. I pray Lord that you take away this painfull fear that I know is from Satan and give me Peace and Joy that only You can. I want to be healed and ask that this medicine does work for me.

Lord Remove this fear from life so I can serve you.

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