Prayer for Peace and happiness

by Sarah (NC)

Dear God,

I thank you for all the gifts you have given us. I ask you to please guide me in making the right choices that will benefit my family. I am trying my hardest to be productive and positive at work. But it is causing a lot stress and anxiety which weakens my soul.

I need the energy to take care of myself, my unborn child, my daughter and my husband. I also pray for my coworkers as I don’t want to leave them short handed. My loyalty to them and the loyalty to my family is great. And I thank you for the gifts of loyalty and personal integrity. Please send your Holy Spirit to guide me in my path and to help me say the things I need to say.

I pray that this situation at work will become clear and bring me peace of mind, body and soul. In your Holy Name, we pray, Amen.

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