Prayer for Peace and Financial guidance

by Amy (Alabama)

Please pray for our family. We have struggled since my husband was forced to take a 40% cut in pay a couple of years ago, and right now it seems we are at our darkest and lowest point. My husband’s employer is shutting down the company for a few days to “save money” we we are all fairly certain that he will withhold what should be their last paycheck before Christmas until the Monday after Christmas as this is what he did over the Thanksgiving holiday.

We are behind on our truck payment, our checking account is in the negative my check will just barely get us out of the hole, and we still have Christmas to buy. Granted it won’t be a big Christmas, and I”ve been lucky to have received somethings already that we can re-gift, still it isn’t easy as we don’t live above out means.

We live in a 25 year old trailer that needs a lot of work and weatherization, but it does provide shelter and is filled with love. We are teaching our 3 year old the true meaning of Christmas, but how do you explain to him that Santa might not come see him even though he isn’t on the naughty list.

Please pray that we are able to get out of debt, and pray that my husbands boss remembers that it is Christmas and we aren’t all as lucky as him to not have to live paycheck to paycheck and come from money.

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