Prayer for Peace after Abortion

by Carrie (England)

dear,dear,dear lord jesus please help me i would like the PrayWithMe community to help me ,at twenty two i did an unspeakable thing and terminated my beautiful child, i have battled with horrific guilt ever since ,most of my life i have had a drink problem, it started when i thought it was clever to drink in my teens,i also smoked heavily up until three years ago i stopped both for good,which i thank god for, i was a new born again christian roughly five years ago but again turned my back,i have done terrible things occult, crystals, spiritualism etc. but all through these terrible things my love for god was always there,i have mostly always prayed even though i was doing terrible things.

Seventeen month ago i gave birth to a beautiful angel bethany, then three month ago i gave birth to another angel,i turned angry resentful towards my partners child and family as i felt they for some reason had a grudge, anyway a massive fight and i lost them all, my ex partner is a spiritualist, i have also suffered mental problems since turning away from bad things,i have sufferd mental and physical abuse also,here is my prayer,i have given myself to god for good,could everybody pray my children and my ex partners children have not suffered through a result of my warfare and could you ask god to pray for my childrens love and healing,my partners children and familys healing and for my familys healing,as they are all deceased except for a brother who i have drifted apat from and pray evil comes to none of us i thank you so much and god bless and love the innocent children amen xxx

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