Prayer for pay increment

by Cheryl (Vic A.)

Dear Lord,

I am so grateful for everything you have provided me with. I am so grateful for the roof I have over my head and my family is well. But I would like to be able to provide for my parents who are now retired, I would like to be able to start saving money to get married and start a family and unfortunately my current pay does not provide for that.

I do not want to be rich. I just want to be able to provide for my parents and also my own family to come. I have worked hard all my life since entering the work force and time and time again I have always been under paid and under appreciated. Please guide me to a path that will lead me to a better pay and an appreciative employer. I just want to be treated fairly at work and not be taken advantage of for once. Please lead me to a deserving path. My colleagues around me do so much less but yet make so much more. They earn 10 times more than me but yet my work load is so much more. I pray for your continued guidance in my journey in my career.

I am grateful for you guiding me out of some very dark paths, the moments I went into depression when I lost my job, when I was offered a job only to have it taken away leaving me stranded with rent and financial commitments I could not meet. You have guided me out of those obstacles and I am so grateful, that I am. I hope You will continue to guide me and look after me. Please help me provide for my parents and give them a good life. They have done so much in raising me into adulthood. My mum in particular has given up so much in her life to provide for us as kids. I want to give her a good life for the remaining years she has with us. Please, please help me get a better pay than I am right now. Please please let my employer raise my pay to reflect the amount of work I do diligently.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
Yours truly,
Employee 457.