Prayer For Passing the Mining Engineering Licensure Examination

by Jason (Philippines)

Lord you alone are my God,

Jesus Christ my savior,
Mary my mother,

I’m deeply in troubled today as the board exam is coming. May you give me all the wisdom and peace of mind when will take the board exam. This is the peak of my studies for the past 21 years and all I’m asking right now is to pass the board exam or better top the board exam. i know that I cannot review all the topics in the board exam since I’ve been working and this past days I have been sick. But i know that with my God my Mother Mary and all the saints I’m praying my prayers will be heard and after this trials all i can shout is to Glorify you name and also pray for others that needs prayer that prayer is powerful.

Thank you very much Lord for every thing. for all the gifts and prayers that you answered i know you are always there guiding and blessing me.

thank you also lord for this site that i can write my prayers. i pray for the ones who made this site to be blessing and i pray also for other prayers in here that it will be heard by you and magnified by the prayers of others.

Thank you Lord