Prayer for Pains and debt problems due to trust

Dear Saint Jude, I’m going through since nearly 7 month with many pains. I have been hurted from my boyfriend. I have trusted him a lot and helped him out with his money issue. I borrowed him money for his lawyer so that he can get his visa to come back to me.. He even told me that he had an accident and because of that he needs to pay the hospital bills and medicines …

So even for that I have sended him money and I even ordered products for him because he owns money to one of his mate … I did not had money so I gave my jewellery to the pawnbroker to get money for him as well as I took a loan to help him out financially.. He promised me as soon as he comes back he will pay me off everything but till now it’s been 4 month he has not replied me back and I do not know what to do Saint Jude I have been crying since that at the church a lot because I really have problems at home due to him as well as I can’t pay anymore the interest as I’m really struggling now.

I have seen pictures of him that he is looking fine .. He does not even look like as if he had an accident or that he was living at the camp … From that point I found out that he lied to me the whole time and now tries to escape from me so that he can’t pay me off my money back.. I was in a situation Saint Jude where I tried to take my life .. I did not wanted to live any longer as I could not hold the stress and problems at home due to him even now I just don’t want to live any longer as I don’t know how I’m getting my money back from him and how I can get rid of all the debts ..

I can’t be happy at all dear Saint Jude … I feel so lonely and it’s hurting a lot that he has done this to me. Please help me dear lord

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