Prayer for overwhelming stress and worry

Dear God,

The last couple of years have been tough as my family has faced job loss, financial burden, moving to a new state, and dealing with a very difficult troubled person in our lives. I pray to you for courage and patience in dealing with these issues, but I can’t seem to get rid of the anxiety and worry that are making me physically ill. I know that you don’t give us more than we can bear, so I ask that you give me the tools to know how to let my worry go. Let go and let God is sometimes easier said than done. But I knwo the only true peace is found in you. I want to be present for my children and husband, give them the happy life they deserve, but I feel crippled by these obstacles. Please help me and guide me and show me the path toward success in my life and relationships. Thank you for all your many blessings. In your holy name, Amen.

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