Prayer for Overcoming Betrayal

Please pray for us. We had money issues and I wasn’t earning and trying to keep the home going. I was juggling credit cards to do that. In the end, I couldn’t keep up payments on them. I finally paid half and then stopped paying.

This has affected our credit score for a mortgage. I never told my husband because I was ashamed and fed up with trying so hard and not being able to keep up. Our marriage has been challenging at times primarily because my husband has not been saved I believe. With the help of God I’ve overcome emotional abuse, physical abuse and infidelity and felt that we were finally ok after 15+years. Since the mortgage issue, my husband feels betrayed and has said that what I’ve done is worse than his infidelity.

I am traumatised by the pain I have caused; importantly I recognise how I deviated from the blueprint for my life by not trusting God to provide as I have always done. I want to seek God’s forgiveness through prayer, pray from my husband’s salvation – he has a lot of anger and grudges he carries which are major obstacles for his spiritual growth – I think he probably feels condemned all the time and feels that life is a continuous battle to be fought and won and finally pray for my marriage.

I love my husband and feel that we are losing out on the freedom of and comm union with Christ which will bring peace and love in our home.

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