Prayer for Our son’s future

Please pray for my son and his fiance. They are planning to marry in a few months and just this week I realized his fiance is not happy. She has no respect for him as a human or her future husband and complains constantly about him.

I had reservations before but pushed those aside believing they were grown and were making the correct choice for their future. I no longer believe that. I was also not the only one who was shocked by what we learned this past week or so. She expects things that she has no right expecting and this has apparently been taking its toll on our son.

He is stressed and very thin. Sickly thin. I am unable to intervene because neither want to listen to friends or other family members. PLEASE pray they will have the strength to walk away. PLEASE pray the Lord opens their eyes to just how miserable their future may be if they continue to try and make this work.

PLEASE pray for their souls and their happiness and their futures. I believe they are both amazing people they just aren’t amazing together. PLEASE pray for my comfort because I feel like crying all the time. Please pray for me to give this to the Lord to fix because I cannot fix it. Thank you for your prayers!! God Bless you!!

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