Prayer for our relationship

by Blue (Philippines)

Forgive me God for everthing i have done wrong. Thank you for all youre blessing. God I am asking for your help right now for the difficulties that were encountering in our relationship. God help him change for the better. Please guide him in the right path in life.

Make him realize his faults. Please help him lower his pride. Give him faith for our relationship and for himself. Give us both peace in our hearts. Help us surpass everything that may come to our relationship without having break up. Please help us make the right decision for our relationship.

Guide us that we will be far from temptations, break up and from complicated situation. And help us not to compose lies and betrayal in our relationship. That there will only be loyalty, peace and love. I pray that this realtionship of ours can change also for the better.

Please help us That we will never think of breaking up as a solution for every problem that we may face. Please help us understand each others company. And help us have a better future ahead. God please hear my prayers.

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