prayer for our relationship

by Amber (Ohio)

Dear Lord. I pray to you that you bless me and my partner with an unconditional love for one another and see one anothers true worth.

You have blessed us in so many ways and now all that we have accomplished is threatned by fear. I pray LORD, that you speak to my partners heart and that he realize the blessings you have bestowed upon us. I ask you for our love to be restored in a new faith and that you may show us mercy.

Bless us with overflowing love and tenderness that we may face lifes challenges together, and always keep each other in one anothers hearts and in mind. Ease his doubts, so he may live in comfort and peace with me and know he is loved.

I pray that you give him the ability to return that love to me and that we may marry and live in your love all the days of our lives. Thank you Jesus. Amen