Prayer for Our Relationship to be Saved

by Princess (Manila, Phillippines)

St. Jude, please pray and intercede for us to save our relationship.

I am in a Long distance relationship, recently my partner feels hopeless that we will work and have a future. All our plans for the future, he feels that it is made without being realistic. He is losing direction and eagerness in our relationship.

He would say that he is busy that’s why our communication is not as strong and frequent as before, but I know he just find it useless to spend more time chatting and talking when he feels that Long distance relationship doesn’t work that is why he is losing the eagerness and warmth.

We both love each other so much but he is afraid that we are just wasting years of our lives waiting on each other.
St. Jude, please help us. Please pray for us. I hope that the positive minded and strong willed him will be back and that his hope for the future would grow back in his heart.
We are happy but his hopelessness and worry is taking that happiness away.

St. Jude, Please pray that we will be able to surpass and survive this challenge and that we will be able to survive this together and that our love will endure anything and everything, in Jesus mighty name, Amen!

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