Prayer for our own Home and about our Jobs

by Mathew ()

O Glorious Apostle St Jude Thaddeus, I am extremely grateful for all the favors I/we have received through you.

I come to you once again for your divine intervention. We have been trying to buy a house for a long time and have now found one that we love but it is very costly. I believe that with your help anything is possible. Please intervene so that we can finally own our own place that we so desperately need.

My wife and I are also experiencing difficulties and uncertainties at our work places which are very stressful. Please help us find peaceful and lasting solutions. Please bless the places we work in, the people we work with and all who come to us for help & relief. Please help me and my family St Jude, please help.

Thank you once again St Jude for all your help and favors and may many more receive the blessings that we have.


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