Prayer for our new business starting tommorow

by Dolphin (Switzerland)

Dear God

Please give us your blessings and ability to offer our guest tasty and delicious meals as we would offer it to you ,so that in each guest we can see you being served . and ability to serve again and again to your highest satisfaction . We hope you also introduce us to all the people in the sour rounding areas who are seeking for great food.
We are very tensed and worried as of now. We beg you o lord to give us the your blessings and guide us stay focused to serve you .

So that everyone is happy . Oh dear lord trust thank you for providing this opportunity to be able to make this huge investment and for giving us the opportunity to service in thru our employees and guests.

Please give also us , our landlords , business partners , banks suppliers ,employees ,guests and all other people involved the right understanding to perform their duties respectively in making the business successful and flourish . Please give us enough resources to take care of this all restaurants .

Also o lord do keep your omnipresence and abundance upon us and to guide us at every step.
In dedication ,God you know what needs to given and when.We dedicate and commit to serve you with motive of guest is god.

Love and prayers

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