Prayer for our mutual eternal love of my twin soul with me

by Vivekananda Chakma (Delhi, India)

Oh, God, after so many trials of my true love finally i got to love someone more than my life. Bless me to get my true love and whatever challenges are lying between both of us should come end soon making way for our love to blossom. Oh Almighty, bless me with enough shining, passion and courage to able to tackle whatever problems come to our love-path.

And without hurting anybody, bless both us to create such true love that can change the mindset of others for good cause.

Oh God, bless me for even if my love is true, may she also find the same love for me in her heart. Bless her so that she can able to realise my true love very soon and thus create same love for me in her heart. Oh, almighty, may bless me to achieve my life goal so that i can have her with me forever….