Prayer for our marriage

by Kyra (Lake Stevens)

Im requesting prayer for my marriage. We have been married for 19 years. Asking God to restore, revive, strengthen and renew our love in our marriage. For complete healing, to soften our hearts and renew our commitment to one another. To make things right between us and God. To tear down any strongholds, evil plots, tricks, hereditary seals and schemes that the enemy is using against our marriage, our family and our home. Please pray to dispatch mighty warrior angels to do battle on our behalf. Draw us out of bondage and deception. To take back all ground we gave the enemy. To open the lines of communication and allow forgiveness and kindness to reign in our conversations. To bind up the enemy who comes to kill, seek and destroy rendering him powerless. Pray for God to keep our family together, in unity, in love, in peace. Please pray for us to be completely in God’s will so that we may glorify him in our lives. For he is worthy to be praised. Thank you!

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Kyra

    I have been married to wife for 35yrs

    Not been easy

    15 to 20 years ago I went church each Sunday

    By myself wife did not want to come but I kept

    Going I did not push her to come with me or

    Argue about it then one day she came with me

    And we continue to go together some Sunday’s

    We had argument the day or two before not

    Talking to each other but I still go to church

    Sunday and to my surprise she comes also

    We did not talk on way to church but we

    Have to give each other the sign of peace

    At church and we leave church talking

    Etc miracles happen at church We are

    Committed to go to church together no

    Matter how mad we are. the Lord needs you

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