Prayer for our marriage

by Ces (Nz)

Oh St. Jude, you have proved yourself to me as the patron of hopeless cases and worker of miracles and I am forever grateful. Please I pray this time for my marriage to Scott. I pray that despite of what already said and done, that he will come around and love me again. Please St. Jude, I only wish that our marriage be saved.

I love him dearly and I know in my heart that he was the answer to my prayers when I prayed for a husband through your intercession. I am consumed by desperation and hopelessness.

People around me told me to give up and let go, but I couldn’t we are married and we both took the vow to love each other until death. please bring him back to me and I promise my St. Jude that I will be forever grateful for this favour and I will ensure that both of us will become your devotees for the rest of our lives. Thank you.

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