Prayer For Our Marriage

by Michael (USA)

Fellow Christians. I seek prayer warriors to pray for my marriage. I love my wife very much but she says she doesn’t love me any more. Many years ago I sinned against God and my wife.

I know God has forgiven me but she hasn’t. She says she doesn’t hate me or wish me malice but just not love. We are both Christians and for one day she did consider trying to work things out.

We have been married 23 yrs. Because of my sins 20 yrs ago. God says that is the one exception he would grant a divorce. So is he for or against this marriage? I pray constantly but to be honest not sure exactly how to pray(to pray that my marriage be restored-do I have the right or do I pray for Gods will?) am currently not sure! Please brothers and sisters I am struggling heavy with this.

We are still in the same house until Mar 1 according to wife’s plans. I’m use to sharing my thoughts and feelings with my wife but she has shut down and this is really stressing for me. Thank you in advance brothers and sisters.

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