Prayer for Our Marriage relationship and finances

by Susan (Chicago, Il)

St. Jude, I thank you and praise you for hearing and answering my prayers today and all days. I come to you in despair over the demise of my marriage. I ask for your help in removing ALL evil from my husbands heart, soul and mind. Release him from the bondage and strongholds that are keeping him so angry.

I asked you to restore our marriage to one of love, peace, harmony, joy and respect. I ask you to help my husband achieve the promotion in his job he has worked for so many years towards. I ask for your protection over our children in this great time of stress and sadness.

They are so young and so unhappy. I pray that you bless us all with peace and love in our hearts forever and ever. I ask you to bless me with a great part time job to help with the family finances.

I thank you St. Jude for your many blessings in the past and future. Thank you, St. Jude!

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