Prayer for Our Marriage Reconciliation

by Elisa ()

Dear Lord God in Heaven,

I am asking you for a miracle to occur in my marriage tonight. Please send my husband back to me with a truly contrite heart so that we can begin rebuilding our trust and our marriage to make it stronger and more loving than it ever was.

I ask the Holy Spirit to not only touch my husband’s heart but to completely fill it with the Heavenly Father’s love so that he will remember his own love and commitment to me. I ask you, Lord, to be with my husband and to cast away the devil that is working so hard in him so that he may regain full comprehension of his words and actions and use them for the Lord’s will instead of choosing the descending path that he is on. Lord please allow him to feel the pain, guilt and regret for what he is doing so that his emotions awaken and come alive and he is moved away from his emotionless state.

Please give him a loving heart for me alone. Please push the other woman out of his work and his life (and my life) permanently. I ask for courage and strength to continue moving forward with my head held high while these matters are worked out for the good of the Lord as I know they will be. I pray, please let God’s planned path for each of us and for our marriage be revealed to us. Let us feel that mutual love and attraction we had when we were first married.

Please dear Lord GOD, open my husband’s eyes and let him see the way that you want him to go and let him see the other woman’s true and disturbing motivations. Please guide him back to me dear God and remind him of how you want a husband to treat his wife.

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