Prayer for our marriage, husband, son, daughter againsts cancer


Please pray for our marriage and our children my husband just got a big raise we were having problems and he went outside the marriage and was and I think remains unfaithful, he i suspect bought this woman a phone and is paying her bill.. This woman knows he is married he acts a if he has been possed and wanted to physically hurt me for contacting her..

He then turned on my son and if it wasn’t because my daughter got involved a tragedy could of happend.. He has a heart of stone and is acting irrational angry and mean condescending.. He was not un faithful before. My son and him do not talk to each other and my husband wanted to move out but his apartment application was declined nevertheless he wants to leave.. I am hurt but I need your prayers for God to heal all of us, to touch his heart, brain, heart and spirit he holds a lot of grudges and ugliness towards us, to release forgive and forget, for him to open communication with our son, he owes him an realize his wronged doing instead of finding excuses for his behavior, for that woman to be cast away in the name of Jesus Christ and all memory of her please to want to work his marriage of 23 yrs…

This house is falling apart and he doesn’t care.. Our lawn, the bathroom to start projects please pray…for a changed of heart on my husband to value honor and love his family.. For the thyroid cancer to be gone, for God to lead the surgeons hands during surgery..

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