Prayer for our Marriage and to our employers, also to fine a new job.

by Ida (France)

Dear Saint Jude, I come to ask from you, to please come to our aide.

Please bless our marriage and let it not end. Let us be strong together what ever trials may come. Let us not be apart again. Please enlighten my husband to honor our marital vows and to finally come back home. Please bless our employers to give us what is due to us legally. also fo find a new employers with good heart and with God fearing type of people. Through your powerful intercession, we trust in thee, Amen.

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  1. I will pray for you

    I wil pray that your marriage will survive and pass this TEST. I pray that you both find love an remember what it was when you first met- in love, happy and fulfilled. I pray that you can overcome this battle and will remain to stay faithful to our loving Savior during hard time like these.

    If its any help, my parents were about to go through a divroce because my dad cheated. It was really a painful thing in my life but give it time. After a few days of just alone time and prayer, we were all able to forgive each other and move past it. God has given me many hard tasks that i could not OVERCOME without prayer.

    KEEP your head up high and know that HE LOVES YOU DEARLY! Remain patient because HE WILL ANSWER YOU. Even if He takes longer, it just means he’s thinking of a better path for you 🙂


    Btw if you can pray that I have a stronger immune system. I always get sick with pneumonia and currently tonsillitis. Please pray that I have strength and faith to overcome this. THANK YOU

  2. Faith


    My prayers are with you!

    My wife and I have been married

    35 years still not easy

    Please go to church each Sunday

    Even if by yourself very important

    Do not push your husband to go

    Your example will be enough

    This is very important

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