Prayer for our Marriage and Past People to stay out of our lives

For God to keep the people in his past that is negative force in our marriage out of our lives and our home. For her to stay in her state and never come back to disrupt our lives. Please place a protective shield around our home and us so that none of them will ever be a problem in our lives and allow us to live our lives as a married couple and raise our children without their problems.

For my husband to let the past go and the people in his past go as well. For prayer that they will never be a problem in our marriage again. For them to have their own life in their own state For my husband to get tired of sending money to them all the time. For him to realize he is being a doormat to them all.

For my husband to cherish and show me the love and compassion to our marriage as God would have. For him to not contact or find out about his past and focus on our future together as a married couple with our children.