Prayer for Our Marriage and Our Love

St. Jude,

I need your help to save my marriage. My husband wants to give up me. We have 3 children who need their mom and dad together. I have searched my soul and made good changes to be a better caring and considerate wife. Please show him that we are worth staying together as a couple and as a family.

Please shine a light of belief on me and let his heart open to me being his wife forever. I pray for a long and exciting live with him by side as my loving husband. Please hear me as I have no where to turn. Thank you. Amen.

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  1. Understanding & praying for you

    I am in the same boat, have 3 children & I pray that the Lord will lead him back to you. Totally understand how lost & helpless you feel sometimes, may the Lord grant you peace and strength during these trials & tribulations. Amen.

  2. Praying for you

    I to have 3 children and the same problem I will pray for you too and hope we will both have these prayers answered.

  3. To strength my married with love and truth and protection from all evil and spells

    I have ten years with my husband and ten years always having problems with different women and all busniess we do not prosperity and dived I pray that all will turn good and my husband will stop cheating on me and give me great love and respect I want him to listen to me and do anything I want have no sex with any woman or any body but me enjoy having sex with me telling me good things to make me happy and feeling love and happy with me and I pray for good health long life and showing things before it happen and fouse on important things to do good disappear all bill I have to pay any bank I have money for like ndfd bank let the manager remove the money that I have for them in the bank please

  4. restoraton of your marraige

    Hang in there. God will see you through. He is forever faithful.

  5. I am going through this too

    My wife left me and our two boys. I know how difficult this is and how hopeless if feels. I am praying like crazy and I will pray for you too. It is all we can do. This is so so hard but we can only hope God touches their hearts and ignites a spark. Being patient is so hard and I am trying to keep hope alive that God is working on this even though I cannot see or feel Him…hang in there – you are not alone

  6. Sending you my prayers

    As you I have been in a situation like this and have three children as well. Hang in there and have hope. I found myself praying daily to God for help with our marriage and my prayers were answered. Keep your faith and it will work out.

  7. Praying...

    Beautiful prayer. I will keep you in my prayers. You inspire me to be a good wife, and to pray for my soon to be husband. You will have a good life dear. 🙂

  8. Prayers for you

    I will keep you in my prayers…my son and his wife are have trouble in their marriage too…Stay strong, and put ypur faith in God. HE will see you through this. I will pray for your husband too.

    God Bless you

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