Prayer for Our Love to Last and We Will Be Happy Together

St. Jude this prayer is for April and Santiago. I ask that you unite me and my love forever. I ask that you lead us in keeping our love together and not letting anything break our bond to one another.

I ask St. Jude that you help us over come the obstacles that come our way and lead us to a place that we can have love, peace and joy together. St. Jude please watch over my love and keep him safe. St. Jude I ask that you bring him back from Louisana to El Paso.

St. Jude let his heart be filled with love for me and my heart be filled with love for him. St. Jude remove the doubt from us that tries to pull us apart. St. Jude clear the way so we may be together very soon and enjoy everlasting love for one another. St. Jude I ask these in the Name of Jesus Christ and I ask the Lord to hear my prayer. Amen.

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