Prayer for our love to continue.

by Bianca (SLC)

I am need of a prayer, help, advice. I met this guy we started off really good, and mean while we were going threw hard times! We stuck it out, then he became depressed for a long time, and we didn’t make it through, but I hoped and prayer we would and we did, this year things were a little more tough. He feels like he doesn’t want to commit or continue “right now” but doesn’t want me to move on.

I love him so much, I know he is the one. He makes me feel so the same way. I pray to god that his heart soften and comes back to continue our relationship, because now things will be better than ever. In my heart I feel like its not time to let go and I should continue to fight for our love. I pray to god, to heal our relationship and to soften his heart, to fill it love for each other and that we will be back together again.