Prayer for our love and Restoration of our marriage

by Greg (Peoria, Il.)

St. Jude patron of Hopeless Cases, I pray to thee to restore my family and marriage that ended in divorce a month ago. I wish I had been praying to you long before this and for that I ask for your forgiveness.

I know when I exchanged vows that for me it was for enternity and I pray that you can soften my Ex’s heart and soul to do what God intended and reunite us as a family again. My children and I are suffering and I think she is too, but is too blinded right now by her prideful nature. She recently has been spending alot of time with another male in our church and I pray that you can impress upon her that this was not part of god’s plan and get this man to understand that he is doing more harm to my family than good.

I am not without sin and mistakes and ask for forgiveness for all I have done and failed to do. I just want to be reunited with the only one I have ever loved and raise our children as God intended. St. Jude, Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases, pray for me and grant me this favor I ask. Amen

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