Prayer for our Lord’s Healing Touch

by Patricia (Manistee, MI. USA)

Lord in heaven, our mighty savior, giver of eternal life, compassionate and loving, and graceful healer, we come to you in need of your healing hands. Matthew 4:23 and Luke 9:11 give testimony how Jesus preached the gospels of your kingdom and healed sickness and disease among your people, who needed your healing touch.

I humbly pray in Jesus name, that Linda, your servant, who has confessed her faults to you, is blessed with your healing touch, removing her pain and sickness. Lord, I confess to you my faults and pray for your strength and guidance, as I serve you through helping others. I pray you hear me, your servant, as I ask for Linda to be healed and guide her toward better health. I know we are not the only ones who ask in prayer for healing and we are not worthy of your blessings received, but we thank you for them. I pray that you bless Linda and her family.
In Jesus name I humbly pray,

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