Prayer for Our Long DIstance Relationship

by Child Of God (In Gods Kingdom)

Heavenly Father,

I come before you in prayer to resolve my situation with my boyfriend. Lord Jesus i ask of you to give me continue strength, patience, love and understanding to deal with this situation. O lord God please bless my boyfriend whose far away but due to see me for this Christmas.

Lord allow him to find it in his heart to understand, love and forgive me for our arguments. Lord Jesus please bring him back to the man i first met who fell in love with me. Lord Jesus remove any obstacles hampering our happiness of being together.

Heavenly Father please restore our love, our happiness and our wanting to be together. Take us to that next level where we can have a happy, faithful, loving honest relationship which leads us to marriage. Lord Jesus Christ im claiming my happiness and all my blessings coming my way. Im thanking you in advance in making this work through..

In Jesus holy name i pray. AMEN

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