Prayer for our little boy in my tummy

(Northern Ca. )

Pray for a miracle for our little son still in my womb. My water broke at 20 weeks 3 days ago. The doctors give him no hope to live if he is born before 24 weeks. And even so because its a significant period for his lungs to mature and he needs the fluids lost to do so.

But there are lots of stories online of women in my same situation who’s pregnancy carried on well over weeks some even months.

My husband and I have taken on our own to fight four our son to make it to at atleast 24 weeks..then the doctors can try to prolong labor and help mature his lungs. His name is Benjamin. Our first son who wished for long before conceiving.

He’s still our wish. I’m on bed rest, drinking lots of fluids and praying for a miracle.

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  1. Baby boy

    May god bless you and your husband. And your baby. I pray that he will give you strength and your son strength and determination. I pray that you are able to deliver your son and raise him and enjoy the joys of parenthood.

  2. Baby boy

    My daughter delivered at 21 weeks baby is doing very well. Now at 30 weeks. I will be praying for you.

  3. Baby boy

    My daughter delivered at 21 weeks baby is doing very well. Now at 30 weeks. I will be praying for you.

  4. Baby boy

    My daughter delivered at 21 weeks baby is doing very well. Now at 30 weeks. I will be praying for you.

  5. Child of God

    If you are a God fearing family & the both of you are aiming to be obedient to God, you will see your desires come to reality. If you are not yet, use this opportunity to seek God, invite God, & remain with God. Many tribulations cause us to lean on God & then we are faced with producing faith & trust in Him. God can do anything & nothing is impossible for Him. I personally know that God can give you your desires. Have a true grip on your faith, have strong trust, have a clean heart, forgive every one, have no bitterness, focus on the positives instead of the negatives, ask for forgiveness of your sins, repent daily, and pray together day & night as a couple. Your desires will be yours in the name of Jesus Christ. Being obedient to God produces good fruit.
    Dear Lord, please be with this couple during their time of need. Please give them the desire of their heart. Please show or tell them exactly what they need to know or to do in order to deliver a child of God. Lord please show them your favor & compassion. In the name of Jesus Christ their baby will born as a child of God. In the name of Jesus I pray and say Amen.

  6. In your shoes

    We were told the same with our twin sons when my wife’s water broke at 23 weeks she got an infection and they had to make her deliver the babies. The doctors said they wouldn’t make it. One of my sons died during birth and the other one has spent his first three days of his life in nicu they say its an up and Down roller coaster with them at this stage but he being strong. I’ve heard many stories over the last few days about 5 and 6 month old babies growing up fine and having normal lifes. Just keep praying and best of luck

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