Prayer for our house , taxes, and a job

Lord Jesus , thank you for laying down your life for me and for all who pray here. Forgive me for any and all times I do not express gratitude for the blessings in my life . Thank you for the health of my children and for the roof over our heads. Thank you for my wife and all she does. Thank you for the gift of faith and for your Word. Forgive when I do not immerse myself in the powerful Word. Thank you for the gift of and power of prayer, Lord.

Forgive me fir the envy i feel for those who seem to lack problems. These current times feel so difficult yet I believe in your might and ask now for your mercy. I pray for a miracle in our financial situation. I pray that we may be able to pay the pressing property tax bill. I ask also that we may may remain in this home you have blessed us with. . I humbly beg for your favor. . I pray also for acceleration in finding the right job for me and my wife, that we may both work diligently. I ask you, St. Jude, St Rita, St. Joseph, and my blessed Mother Mary to join with me in prayer for these Divine miracles , by the holy hand of God, and I ask prayers likewise for others gathered here . Father God, your Word says that a day with the Lord is as a thousand years. You also have assured us, “I am the Lord your God. Is anything too hard for me? “.

I thank you and ask that you deliver these requests, and show me how I can serve you all my life. I love you and I thank you. I pray these things, asking they be done for the sake of the precious blood of Jesus. For the precious blood of Jesus has delivered our souls. Please , in your mercy, hear me. I ask these not with human logic, but with humble faith. “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, do not depend in your own understanding ” I believe we need $ 20,000 to solve these problems, and to be employed within two weeks or less.

That is my request,and I ask for it now. In Christ’s name , Amen. Free me from the Spirit of lack! Deliver us, please!

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