Prayer for Our Home and our Future

by DJ (England)

St Jude

Please help us not to lose the sale of our house at this late hour. I am losing my job in 2014 and we must move to our hoped for new home very soon to provide much needed security for our family by getting out from under our large mortgage that I will no longer be able to pay. We also need the space for our big family and a chance for a fresh start in a new area.

I pray that our house is sound and gets through a building survey with no problems. I pray that we can get through the current difficulties between us and our buyers and exchange contracts. I want the people buying the house to have a great home that they can be happy in as we have been as a family. I pray that it all goes well too for the people we are buying from as they need help with the next stage of their life too.

The chance for security and a new start for us all is so close but so to is the risk of great hardship and I am almost broken by the current risk of it all falling apart.