Prayer for our health and protection..

by Miles (Philippines)

Lord, Jesus,thank you so much for all the blessings that You have showered us.. I also humbly pray for the health of my family, especially what I am feelign right now…It seems that I don’t understand what I am feeling right now…I am sorry for all my sins, mistakes and faults that I had done in my life..Lord, Jesus, I am pleading for your kindness and understanding and all that I am suffering right now shall be lessen and through Your Intercession I shall be heal..Cast all my worries and fears in life as to my health and my emotional fears…Lord, please help me to be a fighter to whatever trials and problems that comes my way…Heal me, Oh Lord….Cast all these evil thoughts in me…Make me strong and healthy..Protect us against evil…Love You, Jesus…Amen..