Prayer for our grandchildren to return to their home


Mother Mary, St. Anne, Jesus, Lord, all the angels and guardian angels hear our prayer, I ask first that you protect Bella an Bentley, that you surround them with your light an love…..lord let them know how much we love them, protect them lord.

Lord, you know those babies lived with us from birth, we raised them, loved them, protected them, feed and clothed them, financially emotionally and physically loved them from day one, being their primary care givers…please they were taken from our home by our bi polar daughter, we pray for their safe return to their home, school , life and the people who have loved and bonded with, and the only home they know…..lord guide them back to us in jesus name amen….lord you said all I have to do is ask to receive I am asking lord, urgently…..lord, when two or more gather in your name so it shall be done…..mother mary intercede as one mother to another hear our prayer for the best interest of these beautiful babies….
amen….please take a moment to pray for these angesl